What We Do

At Working Man, we’ve perfected the art and science of helping startups start, grow and thrive. We are entrepreneurs ourselves, and understand the sacrifice, thrills, and difficulties of launching and scaling a viable business from nothing. We work to accelerate your growth curve no matter what stage, from early idea validation to MVP to global scale. We’ve helped 100s of startups in all areas of emerging tech turn true vision and hard work into thriving businesses.

Who We Work With

We work with some of the largest enterprise, brand and non-profit partners in the world, driving innovation through experimentation, unique startup engagement models, emerging tech-focused events, and strategy. On the startup side, we work with some of the fastest growing, exciting companies, accelerating their growth and development, from creating pilots with major brands, to helping them attack new markets. We are focused on solving pressing, commercial, real-world problems where disruption is occurring. We’d be happy to share case studies.


How We Do It


For Startups

We have helped hundreds of startups accelerate growth, from sales to BD to marketing, by connecting quickly to our global network of enterprise and non-profit partners

Sales and BD Accerleration

We help startups at every stage start, grow and thrive. We directly engage with you and your team in three ways:

  • Diagnostic. Our team quickly and efficiently assess strength, weakness and gaps in product, market fit and teams. Single day with a founder-focused, actionable report and recommendations.
  • Ramp. We evaluate talent, presentations, sales and marketing and identify needs, and then help you quickly find solutions so that you can keep moving forward with funding, talent, presentation, validation, user testing and enterprise pilots and customers. We have 15 years’ experience building successful sales and marketing teams with startups, from early stage to exit.
  • Scale. We identify big opportunities and build a pipeline with partners and customers leading to market expansion and scale. We have international business development and sales execs who come from the startup world in nearly every category of tech, B2B, SaaS, consumer-facing platforms, tools and apps. We help you hire around success in each market as business grows.
  • Team Development – we help you build the right team from the get-go or augment the team you have now.
  • Product Development – we have world-class designers and developers to augment your product development needs, from MVP to global SaaS.
  • Presentation Development – we help you quickly build the right presentation for partners, funders and corporate clients.
  • Sales and BD – we have “30 meetings in 90 days” with key decision-makers in your target vertical, guaranteed.
  • Marketing / Generate Incoming Inquires– we’ve perfected the art of generating incoming inquiries from qualified, interested potential customers.
  • Smart Fundraising – we leverage our network of angel, VC and institutional investors at the right time to help you raise smart money.
  • New Markets – we leverage our global BD and service network to get you up and running fast, efficiently and cost-effectively so that you can tackle new markets and territories.
  • Enterprise exposure and partnerships – we have over 80 enterprise partners who rely on us to bring them new solutions for testing and partnerships..


For Enterprise, Brands and Non-Profits

We drive real innovation for our partners - insights, intelligence, new business, acquisition and partnerships - by engaging directly with the startup ecosystem.


Garth Holsinger

Founder and CEO

About Us


A team of researches based in NY and SF, and a network of point-people in each major startup hub in the world covering all key areas of emerging technology and trends.


Events are a key driver of business development. We have produced over 50 events in the past three years with over 200 startup and 100 enterprise partners. We produce custom events as well as our on-going global innovation event series, Code Thinking.

Global Expert Network

A network of world-class technology and commercial experts in key categories and verticals, over 60 individuals from academia, enterprise, founders and VCs to help our clients understand emerging technology and commercial applications, from disruption to near-term, fast-moving trends.

Client Success

Whether a startup or enterprise partner, your success is ours. Our client success team works tirelessly to deliver superior, world-class results. We’d be happy to share case studies with you.


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